Tuesday October 13, 2015


Kelly from Waverly, NE


We have had Affordable Internet Services (AIS) for our internet supplier for a year now.  We live out in rural Lancaster County so our options for service can be few and costly.  At the recommendation of a friend, we were referred to AIS.  We have been very pleased with the service we have received.  It has been a great benefit to our family and we have experienced very few problems.  We have recommended several families to check out the company. 



Tom from Dunbar, NE


Very good.....Bryan has been extremely helpful with all things regarding installation and with questions that we had afterwards about installing parental guards. Even after a little bit of a glitch with our service, Bryan was out the very next day to take care of things.

The internet service has been great...It has been a great experience


John from Ceresco, NE


Hands down one of the best Internet service providers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Installer was great and very helpful. These guys are great! Highly recommended.


Allen from Raymond, NE


Affordable Internet Solutions has been very prompt when answering questions same day and has provided same day service for problems that arose from a previous companies installation.  I would highly reccommend AIS for you internet server. 


Kathy from Wahoo


Until I had AIS, working from home was more frustrating than a convenience with the slow internet service from Wildblue. I cannot believe how fast my work software was once I was connected to Internet Solutions. Working from home is now completely user friendly!


Josh from Eagle, NE


The install was great!! Very professional and helpful. Service has been excellent so far and am glad I made the choice to go with AIS over other competitors!!


Lisa from Mead, NE


We were very happy with the internet service and the customer service was outstanding. I highly recommend this company!


Susan from Valparaiso, NE


o far, we are very pleased. The installation was efficiently done, and we are thrilled to have dependable high speed internet. We feel like we have finally joined the 21st century!


Roger from Memphis



Everything has been great so far. So glad we found out about you.


Kim from Ithaca


It has been better than our previous system. Was impressed when dish went out and still could check the potential adverse weather on line!
Keep up the good work!


Chad from Ithaca


Every thing went well. very timely installation. Service is good. Compared to dish I am very satisfied.


Nadine from Louisville


Very satisfied with service and installation. Will recommend to others.


Tyler from Waverly


A smooth installation and flawless service so far. Speeds seem as advertised
and no hiccups in connectivity. Also have been very impressed with follow up
communications to ensure complete satisfaction Very happy with my choice!


Bobette from Raymond, NE


Very, very pleased with the installation, and customer service you have provided, but mostly we are absolutely thrilled with the internet service. We have told everyone we know about your service. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Brad from Roca


Very impressed!  We had a problem at the beginning, but you guys got it fixed right away.  Always nice to talk to someone local. 



Tina from Ashland


Integrity! That's the one word I would use to describe AIS.

Mia from Raymond


We absolutely LOVE our new service! Thank you so much!! It is like

coming out of the dark ages.

So appreciate all the work in making this possible for us.


Kelli from Firth


We love it. Affordable Internet Solutions has been great to work with and have bent over backwards to get us and neighbors internet service that is affordable and works.


Sue from Seward, NE


Install was great and our Internet connection through your company is the best we have ever had. Thank you for providing the service, very much appreciated.


Chuck from Ashland, NE


Signed up with AIS last summer. Install was straightforward and our service has worked flawlessly. Highly recommended!


Lori from Valparaiso


The service AIS provides is top notch! I was extremely frustrated with our previous internet service which cut out all the time and we would "use up" our allotted usage in just 2 weeks. I needed consistent and reliable service to work from home and AIS provided it when we were beginning to doubt it was possible to get high speed internet in the country! They are very friendly and helpful as well!


April from Panama


Everything about our experience with AIS has been fantastic - honestly, I can't say enough good things about them! Installation only took a few hours and seemed to go very smooth. Everything was installed perfectly and the service has been GREAT! We've got the 12mbps plan and are able to use all of our devices (laptop, desktop, 3 tablets, 2 phones, Xbox) with absolutely no delay or lag time. I absolutely love the new service and have been recommending it to everyone I can!


Kaila from Denton


Initially, I was apprehensive if this 'local' internet provider could meet my expectations.  I tried other larger nationwide internet providers that had promised fast upload speeds.  They were not able to meet the requirements of my company in order for me to work at home.  There are only a few options in the rural areas for high speed internet.  Affordable Internet Solutions has gone above and beyond to ensure good service and that I have a good upload internet speed that windstream or hughes internet could not provide.  Any questions I've had have been answered quickly and thoroughly.  Thank you for offering this to rural areas.



Internet Service NebraskaIf you are looking for a leading Rural high speed Internet service provider in southeast nebraska (we also provide in most towns)  Affordable Internet Solutions can help. We can provide high speed Internet to the following areas,


Adams, Agnew, Alvo, Ashland, Arlington, Bennet, Brainard, Ceresco, Cedar Bluffs, Crete,Colon, Davey, Denton, Dewight, David City, Douglas, Eagle, Elmwood, Emerald, Firth, Fontanelle, Fremont, Garrison, Garland, Greenwood, Hallam, Hickman, Holland, Hooper, Leshara, Lincoln, Lorton, Malcolm, Malmo, Manley, Martel, Mead, Memphis, Murdock, Nickerson, Palmyra, Raymond, Roca, Staplehurst, Swedeburg, Syracuse, Tecumseh, Unadilla, Valparasio, Wabash, Walton, Wahoo, and Waverly.

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Local Company, means local support.

How many times have you been subscribed to a national DSL or cable company for your Internet service? 

This comes along with overseas support, Right?  Not us, we are locally owned and operated based out of Waverly, Nebraska. 

We strive to provide good local customer service if it is ever needed.

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